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Annette Franz
Four capabilities for excellent customer service
Innovating Service With Chip Bell
Extend customer satisfaction before and after the encounter
Ryan E. Day @ Quality Digest
Do you want someone to bite one of your employees? Because…
Ruth P. Stevens
When loyalty represents the source of all profits
Thomas R. Cutler
Children are the most vulnerable consumers

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TVs and video players lead the pack, with internet services at the bottom
AIAG’s director of corporate responsibility comments on impact of new ethics language in upcoming IATF 16949
Good news for Detroit
The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence can help
ISO/PC 303 project committee will provide international benchmarks to reduce purchasing risks
One of eight mobile test units sent to Kentucky Truck Plant for preproduction testing
70 simple rules for sensational service
Trio of Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott tops hotels; JetBlue keeps lead among airlines

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Quality Digest Live -- October 21, 2016

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